Children missing; believed to be with father

Law enforcement officers throughout Oklahoma and Illinois are searching for two children. A judge issued the father to turn them over to grandparents, but now have gone missing.


Police are searching for 8-year-old Jaxon Daniel Townsend and 7-year-old Joesphine Joy Townsend.

“(We) believe that Jaxson and Josie Townsend are in possible harm and that they are being hidden from us,” Joy Newton, the grandmother, said in a Facebook post.

The father of the children, Gary Daniel Townsend, was informed in a Dec. 17 court hearing to turn the children over to their grandparents on Dec. 20.

However, the children were never turned over to the grandparents, and have not been seen, including at school in Pauls Valley.

The children were placed to the custody of the grandparents by an emergency court order on Jan. 13.

The children may have spent some time in Chicago since their disappearance. Police officials in Illinois have been made aware of the situation.

If you have any information, you’re encouraged to call the Guthrie Police Department at 405-282-3535.

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  1. I’m really disappointed in your one-sided, unfair reporting. I’d like to see exactly why or how this father is presumed to be a harm to his own children? If he is indeed fit, this was a grandparents VISITATION issue. You misrepresented this. He was fighting to protect his rights in court against these people for months and months. Look at the court records. It could be that this father doesn’t want to lose his kids and it’s a default judgement. And you guys need to do more research on this atrocious set of laws across the country. If he has a history of being harmful, then fine. But if he doesn’t, his constitutionally protected rights were likely violated, but it’s extremely expensive to fight in court. Please, I beg you to do some research on this epidemic of fit parents losing their rights to “grandparents rights”. Especially if the other parent has passed away. Again, if it has been proven that he’s harmful or abusing his kids, then I fully support this. If not, you’re just helping a fit parent lose his own kids. And you misled the public with your article about visitation vs custody in this matter. Something the grandmother is conveniently leaving out as well.

    • In this article it was never mentioned to what you referred to as “father is presumed to be a harm to his own children.” That is what the grandmother may have been presuming (in quotes), not the reporter.

      This article is not about settling a lawsuit or deciding what the law is. It is simply attempting to help find two children who are missing from the school system and the courts.

      There is nothing misleading in this article … article was primarily based off of court documents.

      Children have gone missing and there is a bench warrant for the father in Logan County (signed on Jan. 15 by judge).

  2. You’ve cherry picked this story, and the court documents. And not giving the full view. You even posted what the grandmother posted. Are there any court records showing he is unfit prior to fleeing or being a no-show to court? If so, then great – all efforts should be made to find these kids. Amber alert, criminal arrest warrant, and kidnapping charges. And you should’ve made that clear in the reporting. But if not, then this is a horrible violation of his rights. This is part of a larger problem that you’re just perpetuating. Do better

  3. How can children be missing if they are with their one living (fit) parent, THEIR DAD! Who is trying to protect the kids from some legally abusive grandparents.

  4. Lucas Schaeffer | January 22, 2020 at 2:14 pm | Reply

    This story is completely one sided. First the grandparents have no right of custody. Even if there is court ordered visitation they have no rights of custody. Given this was a default judgement from a judge this is completely unconstitutional and the judge is a disgrace. This violates the 14th Amendment. If the father refused to let the grandparents see the children over Christmas at the most contempt should have been filed and that’s it. Judges like this are as disgusting as these entitled grandparents. The father isn’t unfit, therefore fit and presumed to make decisions in the best interest of the children, there is NO harm to the children, at this point it’s grandparents over-stepping their boundaries; along with the judge, and no wonder he doesn’t want to hand the children over to these people. I can guarantee the grandparents have quite a bit of money vs. the single father trying to raise his kids. How about focus on Parental Rights? Parental rights are supposed to be fundamental god given rights. Why is this judge, state, and other states inferring with that? Just like the Texas Case that is in their Supreme Court right now. In Re to CC. #FitParentsAgainstGrandparentRights #FPAGR

  5. Marilyn Webster | January 25, 2020 at 3:42 pm | Reply

    I’ve know this young man for years and have never witnessed any violent or deviant behavior from him. He is a good Christian boy raised by good parents.
    In the state of Oklahoma grandparents have no rights. Maybe if they acted like civil adults there would be no animosity between parent and grandparent. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you’re entitled to more than anyone else. It appears to be a control issue with the grandparents. Whatever judge made this decision needs horsewhipped
    Dan, we love you and hope this situation will be resolved to your satisfaction soon.

  6. The courts have ruled the grandparents and father should share custody. That is the order of the courts. The father has defied the orders of the court. The children are missing because he failed to obey the court order. That is the facts of this case. It doesn’t matter how well you know them or think the courts are unfair. He broke the law and now has a warrant out for his arrest. The children are not in a stable safe environment because they now have to live life on the run.

  7. Debra Blankenship | February 20, 2020 at 7:19 pm | Reply

    I know the father too. These grandparents do have money.The kids were taken for 4 months because the grandparents lied about the dad. They said that he was abusive and did drugs. He took drug test and passed. He took an evaluation and passed. The judge said he was a fit parent. So why would the judge give the grandparents every other weekend and every other week in summer. And split holidays. Can you imagine not getting to spend christmas with your father for the first time in your life. Poor kids.

  8. Is this fake news no national news has reported this

  9. In north carolina grandparents have NO rights.

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