Datin resigns school board post; candidates announced for board election

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It’s often said a mother will do just about anything for their children and that is what Colette Datin has done.

Datin resigned her 6th ward board post on the  Guthrie Public Schools Board of Education in a letter submitted on December 7th so that her daughter can begin her teaching career in the school system. Datin, who was the current 1st Vice President, served on the board for 13 years.

The board accepted her resignation in their regular scheduled board meeting on Monday evening. Datin was not in attendance due to the birth of her 11th grandchild.

“It has been my great privilege to serve on the Board for the past 13 years. I have truly appreciated this opportunity to serve the patrons, faculty, staff and, most importantly, the students of Guthrie Public School District. For me it has been a very fulfilling experience,” Datin said in a letter.

Due to the employee’s with the second degree clause, Datin chosed to resign to allow her daughter to teach in the district. The clause states: an individual must not be related within the second degree by blood or marriage to a current school district employee or current member of the board of education.

“I love the town of Guthrie and the school system. It has been a great place to raise my family and my children have thrived, and continue to thrive, in the Guthrie school system,” Datin said.

The Board of Education will have 60 days to fill the position and urges anyone who is interested in applying for the open seat to contact the Administration office at (405) 282-8900.

Candidates announced for School Board Election

Superintendent Terry Simpson announced the candidates. who will run for the Board of Education open seats next February, in his Superintendent’s report.

The last day to file for a school board position was on December 7, 2011. The election will be held on February 14, 2012 and if needed a run-off election on April 3, 2012.

Seat No. 1 will be a two-person race with the incumbent Mark Swartzbaugh up against Sharon Watts.

Seat No. 5 is currently held by Tom Holtz and will not be opposed.

Seat No. 7 is currently held by the incumbent Jerry Welch and will run against Lorraine Nessman and Travis Sallee.


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