District 2 Update: Projects on 5-Year CIRB Plan‏

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At the last meeting of Circuit Engineering District 5, on Feb. 28, 2012, the scene was packed with commissioners from the 7 county region. To be presented were various projects from these counties to be included for funding for the next 5 years through the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges program (CIRB).

In the last two updates I shared information about the CIRB funding we secured for Luther Rd. and Douglas Blvd. In this update I will describe other District 2 projects included in the 5-year plan.

The engineering should be completed this year for the paving project on Charter Oak from I-35 to Douglas, $35,000 of which will be paid for through CIRB funding. On March 5 we interviewed three engineering firms and selected one to perform engineering. We have been approved for $583,200 for construction of this project through the Surface Transportation Program (STP) administered by the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG). Currently, this funding for construction of Charter Oak becomes available in 2016. Though we know it will not be enough to complete the construction phase, there is fair certainty that the amount for this project will be increased and
there is a probability for the time frame to be moved forward. This STP Program is financed by federal dollars which pays 80% of a project’s cost, so we will be working for a state or local source for
the 20% match.

Scheduled through CIRB for 2014 is $50,000 to engineer the paving project on Simmons from I-35 to Douglas.

We have also been approved through CIRB for $145,000 in match money for a project on Pine from Waterloo to Simpson. We will need to find the 80% for construction costs through a federal program.

In 2017, through CIRB, we have secured $150,000 as match money to replace the bridge on Prairie Grove Rd. 2.9 miles west of Indian Meridian. This is 5 years out and the bridge is in dire need of
replacement sooner than this. So we will be applying for Bridge Replacement (BR) funds next year through CED5. This is federal funding and will require 20% in matching funds.

As indicated by all of these projects of which CIRB funding is a part, this state-financed program plays an integral part in our overall strategy to fund major improvements in District 2.

In a future update, I will be discussing the current condition and plans for replacing our many dysfunctional and deficient bridges.


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