Census numbers verify need

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June 10, 2011

As 2010 census figures continue to be analyzed, it becomes increasingly apparent as to why Logan County has struggled to maintain its road infrastructure.

As reflected in the 2010 census, the county experienced phenomenal growth. Population increased 23.4% since 2000 and 124.24% since 1960. In comparison, since 2000, surrounding counties have grown by an average of 10.7%. The state of Oklahoma grew by 8.7%.

Though Logan County population has grown, income for roads has dwindled. From 2005 to 2010, Highway Funds decreased by 16.75%. Along with a small monthly disbursement from the County Bridge and Road Improvement Fund, Highway Funds are the sole regular funding source for Logan County road districts. When you consider the population growth, the increased cost of goods and services and the decrease in funding, it makes the challenge to maintain roads understandable.

All of the major road projects we have completed were funded through special state/federal grants or programs. While we are glad for what has been accomplished through those means, we are constantly looking for ways to utilize more county resources for road infrastructure, especially as the annual budget process is upon us.

Mike Pearson is the Logan County Commissioner for District 2.


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