Dog Park will have to wait, again

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The City of Guthrie has a variety of options when it comes to city parks in town for families, but there are no options for dogs despite several attempts.

The latest attempt came Thursday evening at the Guthrie Parks Board, inside the Guthrie City Hall Chamber, when the board took a look at putting a dog park in the north-west corner of Mineral Wells Park behind the water treatment plant. However, the amount of property needed for the park was not sufficient enough for the purpose.

Several people in the community have expressed interest in the dog park, but have found trouble finding a location with enough land area according to Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller.

The board decided to look at other options and to continue for the park to stay on future agendas.

The Park Board meeting started with public comments where Lewis C. Robinson asked if on the next agenda the board could consider making one of the parks a smoke-free park.

Laurel Davis and Doug Whitley represented The Soccer Club, who have leased the fields through the City for league games, asked the board to waive the payment of 5% of the net proceeds since they are a non-profit organization. The board passed the motion unanimously and now the agenda will be sent to the city council for final consideration.

The Dog Park recommedation will have to wait once more.

Another popular topic as of late has been a community garden, but the garden will have to wait since it has not gone to City Council who is waiting on the by-laws from the organization.

The board heard discussion on the boot camp that is held at Highland Park. Reggie and Christy Callins, who conduct the camp, were in attendance fielding questions. No action was taken.

Guthrie Police Officer Anthony Gibbs provided a power point presentation on the future plan of Guthrie and Liberty Lakes. He explained how he and the department are striving to make the lakes more attractive. Gibbs said he has reviewed the current lake rules and have compared them to his proposed rules and regulations. City Council is expected to take a look at the suggestions sometime in August and decide if the Park Board can have the ability to set lake rules and regulations.

The board approved the minutes from the May 19, 2011 meeting and heard from Park Superintendent Verdell Smith, who reported on the clean up around the historical Water Plant Building. Board member Linda Tatom agreed that all the mission statements are delivered to City staff for the next agenda as they continue discussions for a Park Board mission statement.


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