Donations being sought for homeless, working poor

Everyone needs HUGS.  The acronym H.U.G. S. stands for Hats. Underwear, Gloves & Socks.  It may be surprising to you, but many of our neighbors, kids and especially the homeless or working poor need H.U.G.S. 


Paychecks don’t stretch far enough to pay water bills, kids grow so fast that it is hard to keep up with the demand for new underwear, or they just need a little time to get back on their feet.  Sometimes just a little help of clean and new underwear or socks can brighten someone’s day and provide them the little boost they need to get to school or work feeling good about themselves.

For many, it is hard to imagine not having clean underwear or socks.  But for the elderly, working poor and homeless it is a way of life.  The priorities of paying the utility bills or buying groceries is more vital than new socks.

Logan County 4-H and OHCE are collecting HUGS: hats, underwear, gloves and socks for those in need. We ask that the items be new.

“Because there’s nothing like a pair of warm, clean socks on a rainy day,” said Cynthia Klumpp of Logan County OSU Cooperative Extension Service. 

The items collected will be divided between local public school and pantries to help meet the need of these organizations.  Though the items are small, they have a large impact on the comfort and warmth of individuals.  Just a little gift from you can go a long way to help someone else.

Donations for HUGS can be dropped off at Logan County OSU Extension Center on December 13 or before for distribution to local schools in Logan County. For more information, call 405-282-3331.

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