Faver students take part in internship program with local businesses

Students at Faver Alternative High School received a great opportunity to go out into the business world and learn the trades of a specific skill.

Whether it was a t-shirt designer, volunteer firefighter, mechanic, dental assistant or a veterinary assistant, the students learned the tools and what it was like to have a business.

“Our director (Gina Villalva) came to us with an opportunity to increase the involvement of our students with the community and give them some experience,” Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson said.

Simpson says the program has helped strengthen relationships between business owners and students.

“(It’s) a great opportunity for the community to become a bigger part of Guthrie Public Schools. When you have ownership, when you know the people involved and you have that personal connection it really strengthens the relationship with the kids.”

Students worked along various businesses, including Veterinary Corner, Shorts Service Center, Proud Dental, T-Shirt Nerds, Better Day Plumbing and Sooner Volunteer Fire Department to name a few.

Lydia Dudley, who interned with T-shirt Nerds, said it was a great experience.

“I love making clothes and designing them. I learned how to make a shirt and a hat,” she said.

Shannon Disney with Better Day Plumbing says this program displays what Guthrie is all about.

“The Guthrie community just loves people. We want to be part of that love and getting people to do this internship helps the community to continue that love aspect. It helps make the community grow,” Disney said.

Simpson summarized the program by saying, “There’s a lot of positives that can come out of this, including mentorship opportunities for students that extends beyond their school years.”

“We try to give our students a better chance for success along the path they have chosen.”


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