Guthrie EMS, NELCEMS agree to terms for ambulance service

The Guthrie City Council approved an agreement between Guthrie EMS and the North & East Logan County Emergency Medical Services District (NELCEMS) Board of Trustees to provide ambulance service to the eastern and northern part of the county.

The council approved the item with a 5-2 vote. Councilmembers Jeff Taylor, Sharyl Padgett, Brian Bothroyd and Jim Case voted in favor, while James Long and Don Channel voted no.

The discussion of the item begins at the 13:15 mark in the video above.

NELCEMS was created in 2019 for the purpose of providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the district comprised of the Logan County portions of the Mulhall-Orlando, Covington-Douglas, Coyle, Perkins, Wellston and Luther school districts.

The district is funded through the levy of an ad valorem tax of three mills (state maximum) upon all real property within said district.

Guthrie EMS has provided services in the area without being subsidized since the 1970’s.

The trust, which was formed following a 2018 election, will pay the City $115,421 for the period of October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021.

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NELCEMS has agreed with Miller EMS to provide services for the northwest portion of the county. Miller EMS already provides EMS services for Crescent and Cashion.

NELCEMS will split their funding based on the geographic areas to each EMS provider.

NELCEMS trustees are selected by the Logan County Board of County Commissioners. Related article: Watch: BOCC establishes new EMS district name, board selection policy


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