Harrison Ave. construction under way; expect delays

Construction is officially underway for the Harrison St. bridge project. Motorists should expect minor traffic detours throughout the construction.

In June 2017, the City was forced to reduce the weight restriction on Harrison following a bridge inspection, which lays over the facility storage of Jelsma Stadium, that was built-in the 1930’s as part of the WPA project. Related articleWeight limit reduced for downtown road due to bridge inspection

With construction, comes minor traffic delays.

There will be no thru traffic on Harrison Ave. between Division St. and Broad St.

There will be no thru traffic via Wentz Ave. between Oklahoma Ave. and Harrison Ave.

Businesses in the construction area are still accessible and open, but expect some detours.

City parking lots (across from Jelsma Stadium and at Oklahoma/Wentz) are still open and accessible.

The project will include demo of existing structure, stabilization of existing rock wall, construction of concrete wall, drainage work, utility cut and caps, back fill, and road way installation.

The project was awarded for $519,211.20.


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