Holder ordered to pay fines for child abuse; no jail time

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On Monday afternoon inside a Logan County court house, a judge ordered Amy L. Holder to pay $5,000 after being found of child abuse in the case of two-year-old Naomi Whitecrow.

The Assistant District Attorney recommended four additional parameters and the judge agreed, requiring Holder to register as a violent offender (10 years), pay $10,000 to the victim compensation fund, pay $150 to OSBI fund and undergo counseling.

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Whitecorw’s mother, Kala, was emotional as she was helped out the court room by her family. Kala expected to speak at the sentencing, but was denied by the judge.

The Edmond mother was convicted on October 3rd in Logan County of abusing Whitecrow, who died after four months in foster care with Holder. The jury recommended a punishment of $5,000.

Holder faced up to life in prison and/or one year in the county jail and a fine between $500 and $5,000. The prosecution asked the jury for 25 years in the Department of Corrections.

Logan County Sheriff deputies turned people away after 111 people were allowed inside the court room due to fire code restrictions. The punishment phase saw many supporters for the Whitecrow family. During the trial, it was Holder’s supporters filling the court room.

Outside the court house, Whitecrow supporters held signs in support of Naomi.


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  1. I believe that anyone who is being paid to take care of children and has had the extensive training and background checks required to be a foster parent, should be held to higher standards and at a minimum, should spend time in jail. It seems very unfair that a parent who loses custody of their child to be placed in a safer environment, turns out to be a death sentence for the child.

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