Is Guthrie next on the water ration plan?

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With Logan County Rural Water District No. 1 putting their customers on a no lawn watering policy effective immediately, could the City of Guthrie be next?

At this moment and time that appears not be the case according to Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller.

“I hate to say a definitive “we will not ration” because of unforeseen things can change circumstances in an instance, but right now we are doing fine,” Mueller said.

Currently the City is pulling water from Liberty Lake and the Cottonwood Creek. Mueller noted that they are about to install a repaired pump for getting water from the Cottonwood that will double the water that can be pulled.

On June 24th, Guthrie Lake, a source the City could also pull water from, was down 2.2 feet and Liberty Lake was down 5.2 feet.

We are currently pulling 50% of our raw water from Liberty Lake and 50% from the Cottonwood Creek,” Mueller said in a recent manager’s update.

In the month of June and the first week of July, Guthrie has had 22 days, including nine days in a row, of 100 degrees or hotter. The average for an entire year of such temperatures is nine.

For the month of June according to the AgWeather mesonet, Guthrie received 1.04 inches of rain compared to 6.18 in June of 2010. The same source is yet to collect any July rain.


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