Logan County District 2 Update: University Bridge Bid‏

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On June 29, 2012, a bid was awarded to Scurlock Industries of Miami, OK, for building a new bridge on University Ave. east of Midwest Blvd.

The new bridge will be a pre-cast reinforced concrete structure 25’ long with a 24’ wide roadway. The contract with Scurlock Industries states that the structure will be delivered before Oct. 29. Before delivery, the county will construct a low-water crossing to handle traffic during construction. The county will clear the creek bank of trees and brush, clean the creek bed and pour concrete footing for the new bridge. Construction and placement of the bridge will be in coordination with the contractor’s engineer and the county’s engineer.

This reinforced concrete bridge will replace an older, narrow, wooden structure which over the years has been reinforced, but is not rated for the loads which have been crossing it. The new bridge will improve safety and bring it up to Oklahoma Department of Transportation standards.

In a previous update I wrote about the 80 bridges in District 2 which are on the National Bridge Inventory (NBI). Periodically these bridges are inspected and rated by an engineering firm. Of the 80 bridges on the NBI, only 43 are rated as “not deficient.” Deficient bridges are a problem experienced all across the state of Oklahoma.

Due to this, the state legislature recently passed HB 2249, which Governor Fallin signed. This bill will increase the percentage of motor vehicle tax earmarked for building new bridges. Currently 15% of motor vehicle tax goes towards county roads and bridges. The additional tax is scheduled to increase by ½% beginning January 1, 2013, 2 ½% on July 1, 2013 and 5% by July 1, 2014. These funds are administered by the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges program. The House of Representative staff estimated that the increase in funding over the three-year period will amount to 53.7 million.

We will be applying for some of these funds to rebuild several bridges in District 2.  I will continue to provide updates as plans are solidified for bridge improvements.


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