Logan County filings March 1, 2021

Following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County for March 1, 2021. 

Bondsman License (BL)

BL-2021-5In Re: Out of County Bondsman Dana Thornburg

Criminal Felony (CF)

CF-2021-31State of Oklahoma v. Jante, Brett Erica

Criminal Misdemeanor (CM)

CM-2021-63State of Oklahoma v. Tinnin, Cameron Austin
CM-2021-64State of Oklahoma v. Jones, Larenz Jared

Civil relief less than $10,000 (CS)

CS-2021-47Capital One Bank (USA), NA v. White, Jeffrey Dale

Civil Misc. (CV)

CV-2021-19Michael Merritt v. Oklahoma Department Of Public Safety

Family and Domestic (FD)

FD-2021-24In re the Marriage of: Caine, Damon Cortez and Caine, Julie Virginia

Marriage license (ML)

ML-2021-30In Re the marriage of Lynn Alan Rains and Jodi Jalynn Sanders

Probate (PB)

PB-2021-13In the Matter of the Estates of Leo R Bertwell, Deceased, and Sylvia G Bertwell, Deceased.

Protective Order (PO)

PO-2021-27Gregory, Brentt Edward v. Gregory / Seiger, Tiffany
PO-2021-28Gregory, Brentt Edward v. Fuxa, Lori
PO-2021-29Gilles, Dalton James v. O’Reilly, Amanda

Small Claims (SC)

SC-2021-71Zeba LLC v. Elam, Kris
SC-2021-72Berry, Jamie L. v. Johnson, Verna Yvonne
SC-2021-73Johnson, Yvonne v. Berry, Jaimie
SC-2021-74Finley, Mark Steven v. Phillips, Jason E.
SC-2021-75Stover, Nykoa v. O’rilley, Amanda


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