Mayor: Thank You

By: Steve Gentling
Special to Guthrie News Page


To the citizens of Guthrie, I would like to thank you for your support during this challenging time in our history.  Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly tested all of us in many ways. 

It is a public health issue; an economic issue; a political issue; a personal issue; and certainly a community issue.  It seems that we are constantly “breaking new ground” in our war with this virus and that the “rules of engagement” sometimes seem to be fluid.   

Through the first stages of this war, (and I truly believe we are in the initial stages, not the final stages, of this war,) I would like to acknowledge and thank the citizens of Guthrie.  Thank you to the many many unsung heroes that have contributed to our “win” so far. 

Thanks to the healthcare workers, the cashiers, the shelf stockers, the city employees and many others who provide services so the rest of us can “make it to the next day”. 

Thank you to the dedicated Nutrition staff at our school system; every week preparing and handing out those lunches so our kids are insured of a good solid meal.   And the list goes on and on.

Let me also thank YOU, the citizens of Guthrie, who have contributed to our progress.  Thank you for implementing the CDC recommendations of reducing potential exposure by staying at home as much as possible,  washing your hands, maintaining appropriate social distance when in public, and wearing a cloth mask when you are unsure if your social distance can be assured.  This has been a community effort! 

Now we are entering another phase of this war —– opening up the economy and many of the “normal” functions that we all enjoyed just a few short months ago.  BUT, the victory has not yet been attained.  Now is NOT the time to relax.  Now IS the time to continue your vigilance in protecting yourself and in protecting all the others in our community.  Our job is to bring back the health and economy of our community.  Our job is not yet done —— but we are on our way ——- because that is what community does!! 


Steve Gentling, Mayor


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