Police Chief celebrates 20 years of service with Guthrie

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On October 7, Guthrie Police Chief Damon Devereaux celebrated his 20th year of service at the Guthrie Police Department.

After serving as a reserve office for four months at the GPD, Devereaux came onto the force as an officer in 1991. In 1993, Devereaux advanced to a Corporal before moving on to a Lieutenant and later was named Deputy Chief and Interim Chief before coming on as the full-time Police Chief in 2004.

Devereaux takes pride in himself that he has lived in his community that he loves and that he easily could have moved to another community for more money, but that simply was not going happen.

“I was born and raised here. This is my home and where I am raising my children,” Devereaux said. “Why would I want to go to another community and put my life on the line for their citizens instead of doing it for my own?”

Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller echoed the same thoughts on Devereaux’s dedication to his hometown.

“It’s a special situation. He lives and breathes Guthrie and I think that is what one of the things that has made him successful. As a chief he truly understands the unique needs that the community of Guthrie has. The length of service he has to this community is a sentiment to the dedication he has to Guthrie.”

The Chief has helped Guthrie, according to the numbers, as one of the safest communities in the Oklahoma City metro.

“Damon is an extremely dedicated officer and an individual with extraordinary leadership. He relates well with the citizens and keeps a very open, honest and fun culture in the department which I think is the reason why we have one of the best police departments in the state,” Mueller said.

Devereaux appreciated the kind words said, but was quick to give credit to his police officers.

“The reason why I am one of the longest running chief’s here is the guys that works for me. It’s like a football coach you are only as good as your players are,” Devereaux said. “I am emotionally involved with my guys because they are my second family.”

The chief has noticed changes throughout the years of law enforcement especially in technology, but also recalls one of his first vehicles at the department being a Ford with an AM radio player with a FM tuner that was attached the glove box with one speaker that was distorted.

Another advancement Devereaux was glad to see come along was the computer. Prior to that all the reports taken were hand written.

Mueller acknowledge his work as a police officer, but was quick to mention his involvement with the community.

“If he had his way he spend a lot of his time on the street with the guys because he is a good old fashion street cop at heart, but he truly embraces the role of the chief because and is always the first one to get out and help a non-profit, or make light of himself in a dunk tank.”

When asked if he felt old, Devereaux was quick to answer what many perhaps already know.

“Physically, yes. Mentality, I think everyone will agree I am still 16.”


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  1. Sharon Keirns | October 8, 2011 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    How do I get copies of this article. This is my son.

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