Powell, Davenport named GPS Employees of the Month

Joyce Powell (pictured left) was nominated by Patricia Kliewer for Support Employee of the Month.

The April 2023 Certified and Support Employee of the Month for Guthrie Public Schools is Joyce Powell and Deanna Davenport.

Each was presented with a plaque and a $25 Sonic gift card for their recognition.

Powell, a paraprofessional in a special education classroom at Charter Oak Elementary, was nominated by Patricia Kliewer.

With the recognition, Powell (pictured above) became emotional with tears of joy.

“Joyce is a unique, loving, and caring person that is exemplified through fellow teachers and students,” Kliewer said.

You will find it hard to find a student that does not Powell by her name.

“The students approach her daily to say good morning or give her a hug.”

Kliewer says Powell goes above and beyond to help fellow teachers and students.

“She touches a lot of lives to make an impact on student learning,” Kliewer said.

In fact, some students even ask to go home with her.

“That’s amazing that she makes students feel wanted and safe.”

Davenport, a Fogarty Elementary teacher, was nominated by Chisty Gilbert, who says Davenport is the “most cheerful and helpful” when it comes to before-school duty.

Gilbert says Davenport (pictured below) always asked her if she needs help.

Gilbert says she can hear her telling the children to have an awesome day, that they are smart, they are wanted here, that they are in the right place at the right time, and that they are great just the way they are.

“I feel like a million bucks after passing her each morning,” Gilbert said. “She takes the extra step to pour positive vibes into each individual entering our building. I just love her heart.”

Deanna Davenport (pictured left) was nominated by Christy Gilbert for Certified Employee of the Month.


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