School board election decided by six votes

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Voters in the Guthrie school board election did not turned out in big numbers, but all the votes proved to be valuable as the Ward 2 position was decided by six votes.

Guthrie SchoolsAccording to the Logan County Election Board, out of the 558 votes cast, Terry Pennington received 282 votes or 50.5 percent while the incumbent and current school board President Jody Walker received 276 votes or 49.5 percent.

The election board will certify the results on Friday.

Voters were seen casting their vote as the snow fell Tuesday and election officials say the weather could have hampered a few voters from getting out and voting.

Of the 17 precincts, three of those did not collect any votes while other precincts reported votes of four, two and one. The largest precinct collected 108 votes.

Walker collected nine more votes in the early voting period (50-41) and received six additional votes in the absentee mail ballots (37-31).

Precinct 101 (Kibtec Oil & Gas)
Terry Pennington 0 – Jody Walker 2

Precinct 102 (Harmony Community Church)
Terry Pennington 22 – Jody Walker 11

Precinct 103 (Oak Cliff Fire Station)
Terry Pennington 0 – Jody Walker 0

Precinct 104 (Seward Road Baptist Church)
Terry Pennington 1 – Jody Walker 0

Precinct 105 (Lakeview Baptist Church)
Terry Pennington 28 – Jody Walker 25

Precinct 106 (Waterloo Church of the Nazarene)
Terry Pennington 2 – Jody Walker 2

Precinct 201 (First Christian Church – Coyle)
Terry Pennington 0 – Jody Walker 0

Precinct 204 (Guthrie Housing Authority)
Terry Pennington 37 – Jody Walker 46

Precinct 205 (Community Church)
Terry Pennington 44 – Jody Walker 36

Precinct 206 (Hispanic Baptist Church)
Terry Pennington 9 – Jody Walker 10

Precinct 207 (Woodcrest Baptist Church)
Terry Pennington 8 – Jody Walker 13

Precinct 303 (Crescent Community Center)
Terry Pennington 0 – Jody Walker 0

Precinct 305 (Guthrie Christian Church)
Terry Pennington 28 – Jody Walker 32

Precinct 306 (West Noble Avenue Baptist Church)
Terry Pennington 19 – Jody Walker 11

Precinct 307 (First Christian Church – Guthrie)
Terry Pennington 60 – Jody Walker 48

Precinct 308 (First Assembly of God Church)
Terry Pennington 24 – Jody Walker 40

Precinct 309 (Sub Precinct to Wesley Foundation)
Terry Pennington 0 – Jody Walker 0

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