Superintendent: GPS to add second cleaning machine to help fight off illness

Hopefully, we are on the backside of winter as the days begin to lengthen.  This flu season has been unique as many usual symptoms have been missing.  It has taken a toll on many families in our district including my own. 


Obviously, the Coronavirus has received a large amount of media attention.  Our school nurse, April Devereaux, monitors the directives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The operations and custodial staff have been following our normal protocols for disinfecting our buildings. The Coronavirus is spread in a very similar fashion to the flu and also comes with similar symptoms. For the latest information from the CDC, we have placed a link on our website at .

We utilize a cleaning machine called the Clorox Total 360 System. It is a state of the art machine to safely disinfect large spaces in a very efficient manner. Due to the increased need this year, we are adding a second machine so we can cover our buildings more often. Stopping the spread of any airborne illness requires vigilance from everyone. Hand washing is the most effective deterrent along with regular disinfecting of surfaces touched by others. As always, we ask that parents keep their children away from school until they have been fever free for 24 hours without medication. 

It is hard to believe that Spring Break is almost upon us. The mild (so far) winter has made for a very smooth start to the second semester. We are currently in the planning stages of an ambitious array of summer projects funded by the bond issue approved overwhelmingly by our voters in April of 2019. 

This summer we will be adding secure entrances to five buildings as well as many renovations to Fogarty Elementary. The work at Fogarty Elementary will include improvements to the student restrooms allowing for handicap accessibility. Improvements to the auditorium which is now used by most elementary students for winter and spring concerts are also planned.  The secure entrances will provide greater security for our students across the district. We expect work to begin as soon as school lets out for summer.

Many of our families received a letter and application from a charter school in Oklahoma City which will be opening soon. Rest assured that we did not have a data breach or share personal information with anyone. The breach occurred in a database maintained by the State of Oklahoma. 

Within hours of hearing the news, I spoke personally with State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister. She assured me that no personal information other than mailing addresses was obtained. This matter continues to be under investigation by the OSBI. Personal information of our students such as grades are not shared with the state database and it was never at risk. Fortunately, we have safeguards in place that have proven successful at such intrusions.

As we look toward Spring Break and the final stretch of the school year, it is my hope that you can watch our students in one of the many future events. Their work is nothing short of remarkable.     

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