Unexpected charges from weeks, months ago hits customer’s banking account

Several customers of a Guthrie convenience store woke up Thursday morning to unexpected charges on their bank account. For the store, their phones have not stopped ringing from customers wanting answers.

Tony’s Quick Stop, which also operates Guthrie’s Famous Pizza, located at 901 N. Wentz is the store under scrutiny from their customers.

Many of the affected customers took to social media with their frustrations and concerns after they had transactions from as far back as February of this year just now hitting their banking account in December.

Some customer’s accounts were charged hundreds of dollars from various trips to the store.

Ownership at the store tells Guthrie News Page the store’s credit card processing company for whatever reason did not process all the transactions. The transactions in question were given the pre-authorization approval at the store, but the transaction batch was processed in by the processing company in a timely manner.

Customers began contacting their banking institutions about the charges and were told the transactions are legitimate and not fraudulent despite various online allegations on social media.

Tony’s says all the transactions in question came from inside the store and not at the fuel pumps.

As of 2 p.m. on Thursday, the owner says he has not been able to reach the processing company to find out why a portion of the transactions were not processed on time.

Tony’s ownership says they did not collect revenue from those affected credit card transactions that are in question until they were processed this morning.

Still many customers are not happy with the unforeseen charges hitting their statement from weeks and months ago. Many agree they were not charged on their account, but are upset they were not notified ahead time that the charges were coming – just days before Christmas.

The store’s owner said their system was not hacked and will continue to attempt reaching the processing company for answers and how they can avoid this issue in the future.


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