Watch: County officers sworn into office; BOCC selects leadership roles

Pictured (L-R) is District 1 Commissioner Mark Sharpton, District 3 Commissioner Monty Piearcy, County Assessor Mary Murphey and Judge Robert L. Hudson.

Three Logan County officers and an Associate Judge were sworn into office Tuesday morning. Afterward, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) held their first meeting in 2023.

County Commissioners Mark Sharpton (District 1) and Monty Piearcy (District 3), County Assessor Mary Murphey, and Associate District Judge Louis Duel were given their oath of office inside the Logan County Courthouse.

Oklahoma Criminal Appeals Judge Robert L. Hudson, a former Logan County Judge, and District Attorney presided over the oaths of office in front of friends and family members.

Piearcy has severed in the commissioner role since 2005, while Sharpton returns to the District 1 office for the fourth term but for the first time since 2014.

Murphey has worked inside the Assessor’s Office since 2014 and has been with Logan County for over two decades.

In the BOCC meeting, Piearcy and Sharpton voted 2-0 to appoint Piearcy as the Chairman of the BOCC and another 2-0 vote to name Sharpton as the Vice Chair.

District 2 Commissioner Kody Ellis was not in attendance for the meeting.


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