Commissioners inspect Logan County Jail

Sheriff Damon Devereaux (right) and Jail Administrator Randy Lester provide a jail tour to the county commissioners on Jan. 3, 2023.

Every January, the Logan County Board of County Commissioners tours the Logan County Jail, per Oklahoma law.

State Statue (57 OK Stat § 57-1 (2014) says the BOCC shall inspect the jails in their respective counties at least once each year, and shall fully examine the health, cleanliness, and discipline conditions of the jail.

Along with Sheriff Damon Devereaux, Jail Administrator Randy Lester provided the tour while fielding questions on the nearly 16-year-old facility.

The tour included the kitchen, laundry room, tower center, booking area, and inmate pods.

“It’s (jail) starting to show its age a little bit but overall it looks really good,” BOCC Chairman Monty Piearcy said after the tour. “Damon, you’ve done a good job of keeping it up. I know it’s a money pit but it was a heck of an investment for the taxpayers so we need to keep it up.”

The original construction of the jail was $8.27 million and opened in 2007.

Lester says the jail is certified for 198 beds and as of Jan. 2, 2023, the jail is currently housing 179 inmates, which was near the daily average in 2022 (179).

Of the 179 inmates, 116 were State inmates and the other 63 were Federal inmates.


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