Watch: Gov. Kevin Stitt visits Guthrie

Governor Kevin Stitt visits with Guthrie Mayor Steve Gentling at Hoboken Coffee. Photo courtesy of Aaron Ryburn.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt made a stop through Guthrie on Tuesday morning as he visited with community members at Hoboken Coffee.


State Representative Garry Mize hosted the informal gathering, where Stitt, who was elected in 2018, spoke on many topics, including COVID-19 and the Census. Afterwards, he answered questions from the small group that was gathered in the coffee shop.

“I love getting out in the community and visiting everyone,” Stitt said to begin his speech.

Stitt addressed the filming industry making in an impact in Oklahoma as well as in Guthrie.

“I know your film industry is booming in Guthrie. That’s a huge tourism boom specifically for Guthrie,” Stitt added. “I think you guys are the leaders all across the state.”

Stitt said he had spoken to actor Dennis Quaid, who is currently filming the movie ‘Reagan’ in Guthrie.

At the conclusion of the question and answer session, Stitt joined Guthrie Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson and took a tour at Guthrie High School.


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