Watch: Makayla Braxton named GPS Student of the Month

Being a first year student can be daunting for some students as they leave their friends for new surroundings. However, for Makayla Braxton she has turned the movement into a positive.


Braxton, a freshmen at Faver School, ended up short a few credits when transferring to Guthrie and became a part of the alternative school.

“She is a joy to have in class and an inspiration to her peers,” her teacher Kim Barrett said at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting where Braxton was named the school district’s December Student of the Month.

Guthrie Public Schools and Blake Wimsey (pictured left) with Foundation Insurance have teamed up for the third straight year to honor students for the character traits. Teachers and faculty select students who have displayed behavior deserving of recognition.

Makayla, recognized for her integrity, has accomplished six core classes in less than two months and has amassed three full credits toward graduation.

“Makayla also participates willingly in extra curricular activities at Faver, working toward elective credits,” Barrett added.

Barrett continued, “Through all of lifes ups and downs, she is willing to take the task head on. She is a hardworking, dedicated student who should be commended for her accomplishments.”

Makayla maintains gainful employment in the community and plays youth soccer in her free time.

For her efforts, Wimsey presented her with a $60 gift card to Stacy’s Place and a $100 gift card to Target.

Although there are no specific grade requirements, the student must be in good-standing in the classroom to be eligible. Overall, the district says they are searching for students who go above and beyond in the way they treat their peers and teachers.

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  1. Great job to my great niece. Hard work pays off, keep striving, may God continue to bless you. Love you Auntie Bridgette.

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