Watch: Officer, teacher help school children stay dry from rain

A Guthrie police officer and school teacher helped several school children start their school day off on the right path.


Tuesday morning brought rain showers to the school commute, but the dreaded walk in the rain was assisted by Officer Jose Botello and Becca Creed.

The duo was spotted on video helping children into their school.

Officer Botello used his police rain jacket to cover the children and then transfer the children to Mrs. Creed, who used her large umbrella to walk them to the doors.

“Amazing things can happen when adults model exceptional behaviors,” Central Elementary said in a Facebook post. “Thanks Mrs. Creed and Officer Botello for showing us what compassion and teamwork looks like on this rainy morning! Go Central!”

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  1. Becca Creed is an amazing woman, mom, role model, and teacher! Proud to say I know her!!

  2. Leonard Blankenship | March 26, 2020 at 11:59 am | Reply

    Hi my nameisLeonard and i love t9 hepl soit wouldn’t be abig

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