A day at camp: FCCLA edition

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On August 28 a bus full of Family Career and Community Leaders of America members attended John Talley’s District leadership camp at Stillwater.

FCCLA 2013At the camp members gained more knowledge on how to be better leaders. “I learned that you have to listen and communicate well with others to be a good leader,” said freshmen Kori Staley.

Members also had a chance to learn other skills like good sportsmanship, listening, and how to be good teammates. Through team building exercises Guthrie’s FCCLA members were broken up into different teams where they had the chance to mingle with members from other schools. Junior Courtney Weir said that meeting new people was her favorite part of the trip. “I met this one girl who had been through similar situations I’ve been through and she made such an impact on my life” said Weir.

Mollie Swartzbaugh was installed as the North District 3 Secretary as well.

After the camp Guthrie got to go to Eskimo Joe’s for lunch. “I love Eskimo Joe’s because it has a perfect atmosphere for getting to know people and they have amazing food,” said one of Guthrie’s FCCLA chapter Presidents, Senior Elizabeth Shafer.

FCCLA 2013


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