Bond hearing set for accused murderer; DA seeking to revoke Dan Triplett’s bond

Dan Triplett has been charged with first degree murder in the death of Brent Mack.

Updated on January 7, 2022 — Guthrie News Page has obtained the photos of Dan Triplett reportedly conducting business at a local bank.

Logan County District Attorney Laura Austin Thomas is asking a judge to revoke the bond, or increase the bond amount of Daniel Triplett, who is the lone suspect in the shooting death of Brent Mack. The motion comes after Triplett, who is out on bond, was seen around town conducting business, according to police.

Mack, who suffered a gunshot wound, was found buried under a septic tank on Oct. 22. Triplett was charged with first degree murder and desecration of a human corpse on Oct. 25.

The former Guthrie city councilman was given a $500,000 bond and was released from custody on Dec. 7.

Upon his bond condition, Triplett was only allowed to leave his house arrest to visit his attorney, doctor appointments and court dates. 

Triplett is scheduled to be back in court on Friday, January 14 at 2:30 p.m. in front of the same judge (Susan Worthington), who granted Triplett the bond. However, Thomas is asking the judge to authorize the arrest and detention of Triplett before the bond hearing.

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Thomas reports Triplett has violated the court’s orders multiple times.

Court records show Triplett visited an Oklahoma City Waffle House on Dec. 15, visited a Guthrie convenience store on January 4 and conducted business at a Guthrie bank — wearing a red and white hat with blue glasses — on Jan. 4.

An employee of the bank — along with video surveillance — recognized Triplett in the drive-thru and called police.

“The bank, as well as much of the community, was aware of the conditions of the defendant’s bond and knew he was in violation of those rules,” Thomas said in her motion.

Triplett’s movements were captured by a GPS monitoring device that was demanded by the judge as part of his bond condition.

Cleveland County Court Services, who is in charge of the ankle monitoring device, responded to Guthrie Police Lt. Mark Bruning (lead investigator) by email on Triplett’s movements.

The email in part read, “He (Triplett) has been told he was only to go to approved appointments. I just spoke with him about stopping at the bank on his way home from his (attorney) appointment. He knows that his stop is being reported back to the DA and he is in violation of his bond. I told him to contact his attorney immediately.”

In his filed affidavit Bruning said, “If Dan Triplett needed money he could have had somebody from his large family or his wife go to the bank and conduct the transaction. Thus not violating a court order. People in the community are very concerned that Daniel Triplett (is) out on bond.”

In a court document, Thomas says the bond should be revoked because his “risk to the community and his intentional violations of court’s orders.”

Thomas added, “He (Triplett) shot an unarmed and unaware Brent Mack in the back. He then moved his body towards the corner of a hole and buried him under a septic system they were installing.”


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