Code enforcer follows up on 260 properties

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The City of Guthrie’s Code Enforcement Department continues to drive the streets looking for nuisances and having success in their efforts.

“The Code Enforcement Officer inspects properties for compliance to city ordinances, ensuring that properties do not create any blighting effects within the neighborhoods or commercial districts,” City Manager Matt Mueller said.

The enforcement officer has followed up, or has had an initial inspection of 260 properties. From that total, four owners were issued a city abatement. 125 were issued a letter and 22 were given a second letter.

These nuisances can include having property owners rid their property of accumulation of trash, abandoned vehicles, tall grass and weeds.

During the month of June, the officer drove 320 miles.

Mueller described the process of letting property owners know about the process.

“A letter is sent to property owners notifying them that their property constitutes a nuisance, and that they have five days to remedy the situation. The officer inspects the property, and if not cleaned a 2nd letter is then sent.”

Fortunately, in most instances, property owners mow their lawns or remove the trash before the 2nd letter needs to be sent. In extreme cases the property is ticketed or the city abates the property, with the owner being billed for the charges.


2 Comments on "Code enforcer follows up on 260 properties"

  1. Debbie Guinn | July 8, 2012 at 8:38 am | Reply

    I wish the City of Guthrie would mow their lots on East Prairie Grove Road. I realize they are not in city limits, but they still should be maintained.

  2. Debbie Guinn | July 10, 2012 at 9:54 pm | Reply

    Talked with Matt Mueller today, and after he researched the lots he found the approriate party responsible for maintaining them. Should be mowed by Friday. Thanks for your help Matt.

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