Coyle student learning his metal craft at MTC

Coyle student Dayton Lopp sketches out a design on a piece of sheet metal in the Welding program at Meridian Technology Center. Once his design is final, Lopp will use a torch to cut it from the metal.

On any given day, students in this program are applying one of the numerous welding techniques to join, cut or manipulate metal. Whether they are interested in working for a big company or running their own welding rig, students in this program have the opportunity to earn industry certifications that qualify them to handle jobs big and small.

Understandably, metalwork covers a wide range of different roles. So, whether you enjoy working with large ships and bridges, or prefer learning about precise engine parts and delicate jewelry, there is always going to be new skills, processes, and tools to master.

With this in mind, there are no doubts about it, the metal industry is constantly adapting to meet the rising demand for state of the art metal cutting and shaping technology. Moreover, as this page on explains, with new metal lathes, CNC machines, and other types of tools and equipment emerging all the time, these are incredibly exciting times for anyone considering a career in metalwork.

Correspondingly, if you are thinking of getting into welding and attending classes to educate yourself on different metalwork and welding techniques then now is the perfect time to start. Accordingly, you might also want to think about investing in products such as an affordable plasma cutter so that you are able to continue your work when you are back home. Effectively, this can even turn a hobby and an education subject into something you can learn to love as a passion as well as a full-time job and pastime.


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