Logan County with no active cases of COVID-19

With the latest recovery of COVID-19 announced on Wednesday, Logan County currently does not have an active confirmed case.

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, the county has seen 18 total cases. Of those, 17 have recovered and one has died from the virus.

The first confirmed case in the county came on March 19. The last reported case came on May 8.

Across the state, 299 people have died from the virus.

In total, 5,532 Oklahomans have contracted the virus with 4,266 recoveries.


2 Comments on "Logan County with no active cases of COVID-19"

  1. How many tests have been performed in Logan county? I find it hard to believe we have so few when we are so close to other counties with big numbers. To quote Trump “No Tests Less cases”. We all remember how people don’t want to even wear masks in this county. Just seems odd the numbers are going up in the state but not in Logan County.

  2. You can’t get tested in Guthrie unless you pay at clinics. The health department stopped testing and tells you to try Langston or Yukon for testing. No testing equals no cases.

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