Progress on Midwest Blvd. project‏

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Progress is being made toward repaving two miles of Midwest from Waterloo to Charter Oak Rd. This project has been our main focus since we began the work on Sept. 26. We have been able to clear away trees from the right-of-way on the mile between Charter Oak and Simmons and to complete most of the dirt work on the roadway shoulders to re-establish drainage. We will now begin the same process on the mile between Simmons and Waterloo.
District 1 rented a reclaimer (a machine for grinding up asphalt) for a month, and has offered to make it available to us for grinding the two miles of Midwest. By partnering with District 1, it will cost us half of what it would have were we to rent it on our own ($5,000 versus $10,000).
As soon as we complete the shoulder work on Midwest from Simmons to  Waterloo, we will grind up the two miles of old paving. There may be times when sections of the roadway will be completely closed to traffic during the work day while this is occurring. Please use patience and care if entering these worksites.
In October, we finished another large Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) project. FEMA mandates deadlines for when projects have to be completed or the county forfeits the money. Since this deadline was approaching, it was a huge relief when we finished hauling dirt
and gravel to build up and cap four miles of Harrah Rd. from SH 105 to CR 75. This project dates back to the rain storms of April, 2008.
It has been my pledge to donate $4,000 dollars each year from my salary back to the county. This year that pledge included $3,200 for pavement markings on asphalted areas of Roller Coaster Rd. and Prairie Grove Rd. One of my primary goals as commissioner has been to work toward providing roads which are safe for motorists. One step toward achieving that will happen on Nov. 10, as Action Safety Supply Company begins applying striping to Roller Coaster, from Pine west to Guthrie City limits, and to Prairie Grove from Pine, west to Guthrie City limits. The City of Guthrie is arranging to have the striping extend to Division St. on both Roller Coaster and Prairie Grove.


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