Recruiting: Busy Day At Guthrie

Robert Allen
May 22nd

Guthrie High School spring football wrapped up on Friday and just as there has been all spring there were college coaches walking around, some sitting in the shade, and all observing. Most were there to see the Blue Jays standout wide receiver and linebacker prospect Kentrell Brothers. 

Kentrell Brothers picked up his first SEC offer from Vanderbilt to increase his offer sheet to 12.

OU offensive line coach James Patton was in Guthrie to see junior-to-be offensive tackle Blake Belcher. There will be a number of coaches that will continue to eyeball that big developing young man. 

Iowa State had a coach at the practice and Kansas State assistant Joe Bob Clements was also there, the latter two no doubt there to see Brothers. It’s been that way all spring with the likes of Oklahoma State, Mississippi, Oregon State, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Washington, Tulsa, Baylor, Duke, and more coming to Guthrie. 

“My son is 12 and it didn’t take him very long because he said, ‘Dad, you must be pretty good this year because there have been a lot of coaches coming around,'” said Guthrie head coach Rafe Watkins, citing the wisdom of his son. 

“It sometimes becomes a hassle for guys to get in touch with me and for us to get all the transcripts and the video that they need, but you are always tickled to death when people are coming by because you know you’ve got some good players and we have some good players for the coming year and for the following year. We were very fortunate to have a lot of coaches in different colored shirts around,” Watkins added.

Watkins is partial to Brothers, and who wouldn’t be? I call him my Wes Welker of the 2011 recruiting class. The reason is that while he is 6-2, 205 and runs a 4,6-to-4.7 in the forty. He is faster in pads on the football field when he is chasing down quarterbacks or running backs or when he is running away from opposing corners and safeties after catching the ball on offense.

“He is not the best athlete in the state next year, but I will put him up against anybody as a football player,” said Watkins. “He plays every down for us and his motor goes first play and the 90th play.

“We’ve only got him off two things on special teams and we’re probably going to put him on those because we’ve just got one more year with him and we’re going to ride that horse as long as we can. He’s a great kid and has good grades. He has already been accepted to Duke, Tulsa, and Baylor, and those are pretty good academic schools and that is nice for him.”

“I want to get an education,” said Brothers of his academic side. “My sister is going to graduate from college, but I do want to graduate from college because I will be the first in my family to do that. That is my main goal in college.” 

“That shows the hard work he has put in, not only on the football field but also in the classroom and we all know that is the most important thing,” added Watkins.” 

It is the most important thing in life, but in recruiting players it doesn’t quite rank up there with size, speed, and ability. Recruiting has been fun for Kentrell. He has noticed the coaches, but he has his head on straight. The coaches have continued to come around and some schools like in-state Big 12 teams, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, have looked but not offered yet. In fact, he told us there hasn’t been a new offer recently. 

“Not recently, I’m up to 10 now and everything is going good for me right now,” said Brothers. “It’s a little stressful and it’s a little hard on me. It’s not that I want it to stop because I’m pretty happy getting all the attention but it is getting stressful and I can see that I will want it to come to a stop at some point.”

The list is impressive as it includes Washington, Missouri, Duke, Arizona, UConn, Syracuse, Kansas State, Tulsa, Baylor, and Iowa State. Oregon State and Wisconsin are expected to be added soon. He did not do anything to diminish his standing in spring football as he knew the schemes, executed well, and played hard. 

“Kentrell has become a great player, but what I’m proud of is now he is becoming a leader,” said Watkins of a player that caught 62 passes for 1,122 yards and 12 touchdowns and had a Class 5A tops 17 sacks on defense. 

“We’ve had some great leaders ahead of him and now he has stepped into that role and that’s what we needed him badly to do. I see great things in his future and fortunately, he’s got 12 or 13 Division I offers and I think more will come in as the summer and the season go along.”

“Dutton, our freshman quarterback, has grown up a lot and you can expect a lot out of him,” stated Brothers in discussing the Guthrie team, one of several favorites to win next season in Oklahoma Class 5A. 

“Our Sam linebacker, Landon Chappell, he was a sophomore last year, and he led the team in tackles and he will be phenomenal next season. Our front line has grown up and done a great job in off season and we will be bigger and stronger next season. We’re looking to come out and tear it up and get better,” Brothers added. 

Recently, Guthrie won the Class 5A boys track state championship, and while Brothers did not contribute he was asked to try the high jump, an event he last competed in during junior high. The rumor was he did well but had a family conflict with the regional meet. Brothers downplayed it.

“Yeah, but I didn’t do too good,” said Brothers in a very humble manner. “I went out there and basically what I did was support the team. They came out victorious without needing me. I didn’t do too bad, but I didn’t do as well as I could have. I also forgot my track shoes and I was jumping in some big boats (basketball shoes).” 

Now the question is when will this talented Oklahoma standout make his college decision? The other question is, will Tulsa be his only in-state choice? Will Brothers make a camp appearance at Oklahoma State or OU this summer that illuminates an offer from either school? 

“I want to make that decision before the season starts, but if I can’t I will take the time to think it out a little more,” explained Brothers. “If it has to wait until after football season then it will wait until after football season. 

“I am pretty sure I am going to go to some camps. I know I have some lined up, but I don’t know who exactly. I am looking forward to taking some visits this summer and all that.”


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