Update from Logan County Commissioner Mark Sharpton

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The Charter Oak bridge project is moving along a little slower than anticipated but the bridge company is now installing guardrail and applying TBSC, (Traffic Bound Surface Course) or “gravel.” On Wednesday I met with the pipeline company at Broadway bridge to address an issue created by the recent flood. After the flood, dirt over the pipeline beneath the road on the north side of the new bridge settled and now the road will need to be repaired. We also removed the temporary road northwest of the bridge site.

Mark SharptonRoad crew have started removing trees and improving drainage on Rockwell from Waterloo north 1.5 miles. Oneok is paying for gravel to be laid on the road to help improve conditions. We appreciate it when folks realize the county is always short on funds. Last fiscal year, which was July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013, Logan County averaged $220.66 per mile per month. That is $2,647.92 per year for any given mile in the county. It costs $20,100.00 to purchase gravel and have it hauled to the county yard in order to make a one-mile roadway improvement. This does not include the prep work needed.That is why it really helps when companies and citizens are willing to assist. Another crew has begun deep patch work in anticipation of an upcoming striping project. The deep patch process includes digging out a soft spot in the road base and trying to stabilize the failure before repairing the roadway with asphalt.

This week we also have two members of the road crew out mowing various areas. At this time of year, vegetative growth finally begins to slow due to the heat. The crews out working in the heat always appreciate a “thank you” from citizens when it is offered. Office staff have been working on the paperwork ODOT requires for reclassifying roads that have had increases in average daily traffic counts. If our applications are approved, it may open up federal funding for road improvements in the future. It seems that federal requirements are tightening and it is more and more difficult to do an asphalt overlay without making many other costly improvements. We are required to get environment clearance and this process can take months before we ever get to do the actual project. Sometimes it seems like the government that is supposed to work for us is making us work for it, and in a dictatorial manner. I would encourage you to write or email your state and federal elected officials and advocate that we want more efficient and streamlined transportation programs. But in the meantime, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve.


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