Kerns, Blackburn named GPS employees of the month

Lydia Kerns (left) was named Guthrie Public Schools Employee of the Month. She was nominated by Laura Benham.

Guthrie Public Schools introduced their first employees of the month recipients for the 2020-21 school year.

Lydia Kerns, who works in the maintenance department, was nominated and selected for the Support Staff Employee of the Month. She was joined by the Guthrie High School and Guthrie Junior High School band director Rob Blackburn for the Certified Staff Employee of the Month.

Kerns (pictured above) was nominated by Laura Benham, who said Lydia had gone above and beyond this past summer.

“Lydia came to the rescue by painting (my) classroom for me — and even on a weekend,” Laura said of the high school special education classroom, which was in dire need of a new coat of paint.

“The only payment she would consider was two batches of cookies for the Maintenance Department,” Laura said.

Kim Barrett nominated Rob (pictured below) for going above and beyond this summer for a former teacher who endured a double mastectomy.

Kim says the teacher left the school district to go into private practice when the former educator was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kim said the only request the teacher made was for someone to mow her grass and make her in town yard look presentable.

“I reached out to Rob knowing he provided lawn care service during the summer months. He has, for the entire summer, maintained the yard completely free of charge.”

“Rob has generously given up his time, resources and income to help care for the parent of one of his students,” Kim added. “If that doesn’t set him aside from other employees, I am not sure what would.”

Both Lydia and Rob were presented with a plaque and a $25 gift card to Sonic.

Rob Blackburn was named the Certified Employee of the Month for Guthrie Public Schools. He was nominated by Kim Barrett.


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